Physical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Shattering Call

    Melita signals her loyal bear to rear up as she issues a booming horn blast that stuns all enemies.

    Stuns the entire enemy team for 2.25 seconds and deals 10.98K Physical Damage to each of them. (Level 50)

  • Ursine Warrior

    Melita's bear becomes inspired by her horn calls, strengthening the will of any ally deployed behind them.

    The ally deployed behind Melita at the start of battle gains an additional 2.43K Physical Ability Power. (Level 50)

  • Louder Horns

    Careful instrument maintenance and strong lungs amplify the blast from Melita's echoing horns.

    Shattering Call now reduces the enemy's Physical Defense by 143 for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Sound Barrier

    With a thunderous bellow, Melita's horns permeate the air, dampening the enemy's blows and shaking arrows out of the sky.

    Melita starts the battle with an additional 232 Physical Defense. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkRolling Thunder

Shattering Call now additionally reduces all enemies Resilience by 100 for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkBlazing Steel

The unit initially deployed behind Melita gains 5K bonus Physical Damage on every basic attack.

Chione's MarkArctic Light

Shattering Call now additionaly purges one buff from all enemies hit.

Melita rides in the name of the kingdom, blowing her horns to inspire her allies and strike fear in the hearts of her enemies.

Melita, assigned by the kingdom as a rallying support, rides her bear into battle with great confidence as it lumbers into the fray, ready to take on any swords or arrows the enemy has in store. The two of them trained together for several months before active duty, ensuring excellent teamwork and timing between them in the heat of battle.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Tide of War

    Atlas calls an army of magical hippocamp cavalry that sweeps the battlefield, laying waste to all foes.

    All enemies in front of Atlas receive 16.16K Magical Damage and their Basic Attack Speed is reduced by 28.3% for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Ward of the High Seas

    In moments of struggle, Atlas summons strength from the ocean legacies of his father Poseidon.

    When his health falls below 30%, Atlas receives 211 Magical Defense for 6 seconds and heals 26.74K every half second for 3 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Royal Command

    The glorious leadership of King Atlas guides any ally behind him into battle with added power.

    The ally deployed behind Atlas at the start of battle gains 2.37K Magical Ability Power. (Level 50)

  • Ocean King's Resolution

    A king is nothing without followers. As Atlas leads the charge into battle, the defensive power of he and his most stalwart ally rise with the tides of war.

    Both Atlas and the ally deployed behind him at the start of battle gain 236 Magical Defense. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkClashing Tempest

Tide of War also purges one buff from each target and reduces Critical Damage Bonus by 50% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkRekindled Inspiration

Grants all allies 150 Magical Penetration. (purge immune)

Chione's MarkGlacial Wall

Tide of War now additionally reduces Basic Attack Damage by 30% for 10 seconds.

Atlas, favored son of Poseidon, once ruled his father's glorious island.

The eldest of ten heirs of the Lord of the Ocean, Atlas always knew he would be the servant his father would entrust with the governance and protection of his beloved island in the sea. When he assumed his throne, Atlas ruled as a just and prudent king, caring equally for each of his citizens as he would his own progeny. No scholar could have predicted the upheaval to come when Gadrus, the tyrant warlord twin brother of Atlas, decided the Atlantean throne must instead be his, sealing the fate of Poseidon's island.


Physical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Vile Upchuck

    Inflating his acid-filled dewlap, Goruk retches forth a torrent of pungent bile capable of hindering the rate of his enemies attacks.

    Hits all enemies in a line in front of him for 16.7K Physical Damage and reduces their Basic Attack Speed by 33.2% for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Brutal Hamstring

    The more Goruk fights, the harder he wants to win and by employing ancient tribal tactics, can sometimes pummel his target with a devastating strike.

    Following 3 basic attacks, his next attack deals 15.55K Physical Damage and applies mortal wounds, reducing all healing by 40% for 8 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Tooth for a Tooth

    Goruk does not know the meaning of defeat and when his life force is diminished, delivers a ferocious blow permanently crippling his opponent.

    For every 40% health lost, his next basic attack reduces the target's Magical Defense and Physical Defense by 59% for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Thrill of Battle

    With every swing of his spiked battle axe, Goruk seeks the next opportunity to drain the fighting spirit from his foes.

    Every basic attack has a 10% chance to grant Goruk 147% Life Steal for 6 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkSlime Barrier

Goruk permanently gains Magical and Physical Defense by 20%. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkSearing Hunger

Goruk permanently gains 35% Life Steal. (purge immune)

Chione's MarkIce Cold Scales

Tooth for a Tooth now grants Goruk 100% Physical Defense for 5 seconds.

A bumptious grunt with an axe to grind, Goruk is feared among the Skullcrusher tribe for his quarrelsome attitude and savage bloodlust.

As one of the reptilian humanoids known as the saurian, his imposing body, massive jaws, and dermal scales make Goruk a perfect fit for combat against the softskins. His perceived superiority over other fighters would often get Goruk into trouble with the tribal elders for terrorizing his own forces. Demoted from a prestigious warrior to a grunt for abhorrent behavior unbecoming of his caste, Goruk now battles harder than ever to prove his dominance.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Invocation of Ra

    Invoking the ancient power of Ra, Sekhmeta channels the sun itself into a celestial beam that siphons the energy of any foes that stand before her and returns their life force to her.

    Hits all enemies in a line in front of her for 22.46K Magical Damage and heals herself for 23.25K. (Level 50)

  • Cosmic Alignment

    Always in sync with the cosmos, Sekhmeta uses the secret cycles of the stars to hone in on her enemies’ weak phases while seizing power during her states of elevation.

    Following 4 basic attacks, her next attack deals 13.86K Magical Damage and heals herself for 12.83K health. (Level 50)

  • Desert Ardor

    Sekhmeta’s devotion runs so deep that she carries a tangible power that inspires the ally behind her with divine awe.

    The ally deployed behind Sekhmeta has their Basic Attack Speed increased by 27.8%. (Level 50)

  • Sacrificial Blessing

    There can be no waste in the desert, so when her first ally dies, Sekhmeta cannibalizes their spirit and gains their cosmic energy.

    When her first ally falls, Sekhmeta gains 232% Basic Attack Speed and 69.9% Life Steal for 8 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkPerish Dust

Invocation of Ra now additionally reduces targets' healing 100% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkBlistering Sands

Invocation of Ra reduces all affected enemies Magical Defense by 40% for 10 seconds.

Chione's MarkPermafrost Light

Invocation of Ra now reduces enemies Basic Attack Speed by 31% for 10 seconds.

Once known as the “Devourer of the Unworthy”, this Sphinx used to roam the Badlands, devouring any who failed to answer her riddle. One day, she crossed path with a humble servant of the Sun. To the Sphinx’s surprise, the servant not only answered her riddle, but presented her with a new riddle, a divine riddle, for she had unwittingly challenged the Daybreak Oracle.

Bewildered and humbled, the once ravenous Sphinx was tamed by this higher, celestial power and soon became his closest disciple. The Daybreak Oracle gave her glimpses into the underworld and taught her to read divinity in the stars. Filled with the divine ardor of the sands, the Sphinx adopted a new identity: Sekhmeta, High Priestess of the Daybreak Oracle.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Fountain Burst

    Pallas calls upon the holy waters of the Acadine fountain to consecrate her shell hammer so that she may strike her foes with a purifying force.

    Deals 21.88K Magical Damage and purges all buffs from her target. Additionally bounces to the next closest enemy, applying the same effects. (Level 50)

  • Liquidation

    Sanctifying waters occasionally spring forth that anoint Pallas in a pearlescent coating and scald her enemies, rebuking them of any advantages.

    Each basic attack has a 30% chance to purge one buff from a random enemy and grants Pallas 1.24K Magical Ability Power for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Waters of Renewal

    As her shell hammer comes crashing down on her enemy, the holy waters of the Acadine fountain restore her most injured companion.

    Fountain Burst now additionally heals the most damaged ally for 16.56K health. (Level 50)

  • Razor Shell

    Pallas adorns her chosen companion with symbolic imagery of the Acadine fountain so their attacks may be as razor sharp as a pinching clamshell.

    The ally deployed behind Pallas gains a bonus 2K Magical Damage on every basic attack. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkUnyielding Shell

For every 30% health lost, all allies gain 100 Resilience for 10 seconds. (non-stackable)

Embers MarkProtective Heat

For every 30% health lost, all allies gain 225 Magical Defense for 10 seconds. (non-stackable)

Chione's MarkFrozen Shell

For every 30% health lost, Pallas freezes all enemies Energy Generation for 2.5 seconds.

An upbeat, bubbly cleric with a hope that springs eternal, Pallas travels the realm doing missionary work to help to purify the unclean. She enjoys performing her famed water spout trick for both her friends and her enemies.

Clerics of the Acadine fountain utilize its holy waters to detect and dispel impurities; however, its inhospitable location made the fountain inaccessible to most Atlanteans. Pallas sought to bring this mystical and insightful power directly to the people so that those most in need may also be cleansed. After laboring for months to fashion her own portative fountain, Pallas filled it with holy water from the Acadine fountain and began her missionary work to guide Atlantis to a new era of peace and prosperity.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Litany of Scorn

    The invocations Ixion speaks draw arcane energy into an octagram of shadow that rises through his body before wreaking havoc down on his foe.

    Deals 19.02K Magical Damage and purges all buffs from target, additionally cleansing himself of all debuffs. (Level 50)

  • Insult to Injury

    When landing his most powerful strikes, Ixion will cripple the defenses of whatever poor fools happen to be closest to him, flaunting his dominance in close combat.

    Upon taking any damage, reduces Magical Defense and Physical Defense of the two closest enemies by 34.5% for 8 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Convalescence

    The cursed veil of immortality can abate some of the damage done to Ixion when he has been grievously hurt, allowing him to terrorize his enemies uninterrupted.

    For every 30% health lost, Ixion heals himself for 23.7K health. (Level 50)

  • Memento Mori

    Ixion feels pity for the first of his companions that falls in battle, taking their life force for his own as protection so they may continue to serve a purpose.

    Upon the first ally death, Ixion gains a 121.14K Health Shield for 10 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkRoaring Misery

For every 20% health lost, Ixion gains 25% Magical and Physical defense for 45 seconds.

Embers MarkSeething Force

Litany of Scorn now purges all buffs from the nearest enemy to the primary target.

Chione's MarkFrozen Revenge

Each ally death grants Ixion 40% Basic Attack Damage for 45 seconds. (stackable)

Within the rank of Knights that serve Lazuli society, Ixion is known to be an ostentatious expert of magic few can claim to match. He aids the Atlanteans for his own personal gain and a darker purpose - uncovering greater arcane knowledge to preserve his immortality.

To find meaning in the unknown, Lazuli that wish to become Knights must sojourn to the Underworld. Ixion, wanting to demonstrate his superiority, attempted a shortcut by crossing into the shadow realm, wherein a living darkness enshrouded him. He was endowed with immortality but also cursed with needing increasingly greater power to sustain it, forcing Ixion to leave the Peaks of Areion and begin his dark quest.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Pivotal Blow

    Zephyr winds kick up around Unomsa as she swings her staff and delivers a straightforward attack that leaves her enemies breathless.

    Hits all enemies in a line for 23.19K Magical Damage and freezes Energy Generation for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Cavalry Tactics

    Unomsa’s training in the Ubuntu cavalry catches enemies off-guard as she bolsters her defense and debilitates her foe in a single strike.

    Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack grants Unomsa a 48.16K Health Shield and freezes Energy Generation of the enemy target for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Royal Mandate

    It is not wise to contest nobility in battle and enemies of the princess are swiftly punished for their arrogance.

    Pivotal Blow now applies mortal wounds, reducing all healing by 70% for 27.7 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Mask of Enfeeblement

    The presence of the Ubuntu princess on the battlefield initially overwhelms her enemies with a devitalizing lethargy.

    While all allies are alive, enemies have 17.3% reduced Energy Generation Rate. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkAerial Blast

Pivotal Blow now additionally reduces Critical Strike Chance by 50% for 5 seconds.

Embers MarkParched Aura

Unomsa now reduces all enemies Energy Generation Rate by 20%. (purge immune)

Chione's MarkGlacial Aura

Unomsa now reduces all enemies Team Cooldown Reduction by 20%. (cleanse immune)

While armies fight for their sovereign masters in other nations, Ubuntu nobility fight to serve their own people and the daring princess Unomsa is prepared to defend her empire to the death.

As the startling reports being sent from Atlantis grew steadily by the day, Shaka Ubuntu, the elder monarch of the Ubuntu empire, knew what he must do. Gathering his beloved family into the principal war room, he called upon one of them accompany him in defending the empire from external threats found in Atlantis. Unomsa accepted the call to action, but only if she could go alone, for her father was old and frail, and could not fight for their people as she could. After celebrating her upcoming victories with her family, Unomsa departed for the ravaged lands of Atlantis.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Ritual of Sacrifice

    Striking his ceremonial claves together, Drozho enhances his restorative abilities through a solemn offering of his own lifeforce.

    By sacrificing 10% health, Drozho enhances his basic attacks for 12 seconds. Each attack heals all other allies for 14.76K health. (Level 50)

  • Spiritual Resonance

    Drozho’s persistent attacks resonate through the spirit realm and will occasionally reflect back into the world of the living, mending his wounds.

    Each basic attack has a 20% chance to heal Drozho for 9.34K health. (Level 50)

  • Vivifying Rites

    Further harming himself during a sacrifice bolsters the augmentation, allowing Drozho to renew the health of his most injured companion.

    When casting Ritual of Sacrifice, Drozho deals 10.8K Magical Damage to himself and heals the most wounded ally for 5.65K health every second for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Ancestral Succor

    Sensing death on the battlefield, the sacrificial bones that adorn Drozho’s raptor, Ivory Witch, vibrate with primal energy and enhance the restorative powers of their remaining allies.

    Upon the first ally death, for the next 14 seconds all other allies basic attacks heal themselves for 10.7K health. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkThin Air

Ritual of Sacrifice now additionally halts all enemies Life Steal for 12 seconds. (purge immune)

Embers MarkCharred Fibroblast

Every other basic attack applies mortal wounds, reducing healing by 100% for 3 seconds.

Chione's MarkBoreal Protection

Each basic attack has a 50% chance to increase the Magical and Physical Defense of the most wounded ally by 25% for 10 seconds. (non-stackable)

A skilled shaman among the Drogmol, Drozho assists the legendary Raptor Squad with a unique, resonating energy that augments his power to mend wounds during combat.

Drozho is a master of tandem curative arts, invoking ancient spirits to provide for the injured by offering his own vitality in return. To further enhance his restorative power, Drozho outfits his velociraptor, Ivory Witch, with sacrificial bones. Along with Ivory Witch, the beastial companions that ride into battle with the Raptor Squad are bred in the Drogmol homeland of Ordos, a sweeping grassland region located to the northeast of Atlantis. It is also here that ritualistic shamanism became the guiding faith of the nomadic Drogmol people. Seen as deities in their own right, the shaman of Ordos are feared for their powers over life and death.


Magical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Twilight Overgrowth

    Vesper invokes mystical druidic power to augment her companions as a blanket of celestial eventide spreads across the battlefield.

    Enhances the active abilities of allies in an area around her for 10 seconds. Their next active cast will deal a bonus 3.24K True Damage (ignores defenses) and stun all enemies for 2 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Wicked Entanglement

    Vesper summons knotted vines of paralyzing umbra that bind to her foes whenever an ally falls in battle.

    Upon the death of any ally, Vesper curses all enemies for the next 4 seconds. Cursed enemies have a 20% chance on every basic attack to stun themselves for 2.08 seconds. (Level 50)

  • The Warden’s Reprise

    With every strike of her staff, Vesper remains focused on slowing the coming assault from enemies of the forest.

    Basic attacks reduce the Basic Attack Speed of her target by 31.1% for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Auspicious Starfall

    Falling stars begin to cascade from Vesper’s conjured energy, seeking out her most stricken comrade and granting them temporary succor.

    Twilight Overgrowth now grants the most injured ally 130% Life Steal for 6 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkUnbound Zephyr

Twilight Overgrowth now also grants Vesper stun immunity for 20 seconds. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkCalescent Sap

At the start of battle, all enemies have their Basic Attack Speed reduced by 50% for 12 seconds.

Chione's MarkHalcyon Frost

While Vesper is alive, all allies are healed for 5K health every 3 seconds.

While usually reclusive in nature, Vesper the Centaurian Warden revels in close range combat, confronting enemies of the forest head-on with druidic spells empowered by the stars to enhance her allies or punish her foes into submission.

Vesper is a key emissary for the mystical Starseeker tribe, a group of centaur druids that prefer to remain hidden in an uncharted area of the Dryadic Wilds. Their solemn duty is preserve the delicate balance between the earth and the sky, thereby maintaining what the Starseekers consider to be true arboreal harmony. When a black fog swept through their sacred groves and began to corrupt the druids and strangle the very forest, she alone sought help from outside their cloistered sanctuary. As Vesper made her way out from the unnatural gloom, she gazed up to the night sky and saw that the stars were in perfect alignment. A wave of cosmic energy pulsed through her and in that instant, the druidic warden knew she had been chosen to save her tribe.


Physical Supportive Defender

Aura of ProtectionStar: 5

Gains 15% Basic Attack Damage Reduction and also grants entire team 5% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (stackable, purge immune)


  • Reign of Thunder

    Banging on his three crimson drums, Leigong unleashes a wave of empowering thunder that cleanses himself and enhances his allies.

    Leigong enters a thunder trance, gaining immunity to all negative effects for 15 seconds. While in this trance, his basic attacks also grant all allies 32.5 Magical and Physical Defense for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Exalted Kin

    Leigong and his chosen ally become linked in battle, allowing him to be restored by the actions of his companion as they press the assault.

    The ally deployed behind Leigong gains a 50% chance on basic attack to also heal him for 10K health. (Level 50)

  • Parting Sky

    A roaring thunderclap can be heard whenever Leigong lands an attack, reverberating through the battlefield and enfeebling his foes.

    His basic attacks now reduce the healing of all enemies by 10.4% for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Resonating Drums

    The booming sound of Leigong’s drums inspire his comrades to strike with even greater strength.

    His basic attacks also grant all allies 6.49% Critical Damage Bonus for 5 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkThundering Favor

While Reign of Thunder is active, his basic attacks heal the most wounded ally for 30K health.

Embers MarkDrumfire Bulwark

While Reign of Thunder is active, his basic attacks grant the most wounded ally 150 Magical and Physical Defense for 5 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkHibernal Barrier

While Reign of Thunder is active, his basic attacks grant the most wounded ally a 30K Health Shield for 6 seconds. (stackable)

The booming sounds of rolling thunder over Atlantis announce the arrival of Leigong, an imposing and virtuous celestial with the body of a dragon and divine crimson drums that send out shockwaves of sound across the sky.

Originally a mortal that became involved in the affairs of the celestials, Leigong consumed fruit from a divine tree within the Lunar Palace and was transformed into the Thunder God he is now known as. Along with a complete mastery of thunder, Leigong is also credited as having invented the Yin-Yang and new augury that helped unify the dynastic tribes he once called home.